Circle is the prototype of the emerging culture of co-creation, which many organizations, groups, families and communities are longing for. It is both a mindset and a set of tools on how to bring participatory leadership into practice; inviting authenticity, engagement and shared responsibility.  It is also the blueprint of all Art of Hosting methodologies.


Circle is much more than putting chairs in a circular form.
In this training, we will:

  • explore what makes circle dialogues so powerful,
  • exchange circle practices, questions, and new horizons that we see opening.

We therefore invite both newcomers to circle practice as well as experienced circle hosts.

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Topics for our Circle Practice exploration:

  • Circle between mechanics and mystery: how to create a space for people to transition from a ‘usual meeting’ into deep listening to themselves, each other and to the collective wisdom in the center (creating container, center, talking pieces, role of guardian  …)
  • When and how to call a circle: clarity of purpose and form for powerful invitation
  • How to create a safe and engaging place in which implicit diversity can be unearthed, acknowledged, and transcended into collective next-stage wisdom
  • How to collectively listen to the emerging wholeness
  •  Various forms of circle and when to use which:
    • Strategic and generative council/circle
    • Basic circle
    • Web circle
    • Fishbowl and spiral circle
    • Silent circle
    • Weaving small circles for greater impact: circle as base of participatory processes (World Café, Open Space ..)
  • Energetics of  circle practice
  • Ways of harvesting meaningful circle conversations

Who is this training for:

  • Hosts, facilitators of collaborative processes
  • Beginners as well as experienced circle hosts
  • Leaders of all levels
  • Leadership and OD professionals (consultants, trainers, coaches)
  • People who want to engage with others from a place of inner power and authenticity.

Many traditions and approaches flow into this training:

Circle has for millennia stood as a symbol of meeting together as humans: gathering around the fire to talk about what really matters. In many European traditions, village councils were held in circle form, to collectively address the challenges and possibilities that future brings.

In the last decades, several approaches have been re-viving this ancient way of co-creating the future, such as The Circle Waythe Way of CouncilBohmian Dialogue ProcessCircles of Trust; Restorative Circles as well as other methods that combine a variety of small circle forms linked to the collective large-group conversation:  The World CaféOpen SpacePro Action Cafe; Collective Story Harvest and others. Circle-based organizational development approaches include Holacracy and Sociocracy.

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