skyline000The training takes place at Obenaus Community, in southern Austria, near  the border with Slovenia. The Obenaus Community is a repository of Circle practice, using Circle as operating system for its key conversations, from daily check-ins to major community decisions.

Nested at the rim of a peaceful village, the venue invites the visitors to slow down, hear the soul’s whisper, engage in meaningful conversations and be nourished by lovingly prepared local food as well as  the greater container of Nature and Mystery that surround the farm.

Arrival and opening session

You’re welcome to arrive & check in either on Tuesday, 28 August, or earlier.
We will begin our programme at 18:00 on Tuesday, 28 August, and finish on Sunday, 2 September, at 16.00 hrs.

If you stay already before or later in Obenaus, read here about the Open House in Obenaus programme and philosophy.

Address and contact

Ewitsch 2
8461 Ehrenhausen

+43 680 3060900 (Lena)
+43 680 132 7177 (Rainer)


Daily programme

The daily programme will run from 9.00 am till about 18.30 every day.  Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee.
Evening time will be self-organised (in an open space manner – anyone 
is welcome to offer or request a session, activity, fire conversations …). 



There is a possibility to stay on the farm with your own tent. Tents or other camping gear can also be borrowed from Obenaus.

Simple dinner will be co-created at Obenaus for/by those staying at the farm.
In the nearby village, within a few kilometres, there are several accommodation options available. If you prefer to stay in one of the nearby facilities, you are still welcome to share dinners at Obenaus (against some financial contribution, and possibly some help in preparing and/or cleaning up).

For accommodation options, please see the Registration page.

What to bring with you

  • Open mind, open heart, open will
  • An object that represents one of the turning points in your life (that you are willing to share with people in the circle)
  • Journal/notebook and writing material
  • Water bottle
  • Music instruments
  • Songs, poems that inspire you
  • Any other materials/props you may need if you want to offer a specific evening activity
  • Some food to share, perhaps typical of the area you are coming from

How you get there

For a satellite Map see HERE.

Train: Train stations Spielfeld (international trains from or to Zagreb, Ljubljana and Vienna stop here) or Ehrenhausen (local train connection from Graz or Spielfeld). Tell us when you come, we pick you up. Walking also possible (2 km or 3 km distance to Obenaus).

Air plane: Next airports are Graz (direct train connection to Ehrenhausen) or Maribor (bus to Maribor, train to Spielfeld, or we pick you up directly at the airport). Also possible is Zagreb (with a direct bus going to Spielfeld) or Ljubljana (bus to Ljubljana, then train to Spielfeld). Many international connections go via Vienna or Bratislava. Take a train from there via Graz.

Car: From the A9 motorway take the exit Vogau-Strass. Follow through Ehrenhausen. After a few sharp turns in the village turn left uphill to “Berghausen”. At the second left on top of a first hill turn left, there is a plate “Obenaus” and a sign “Naturpark”. Go down into a little valley, take the next left: You are there!
Contact us and register for your stay at

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