When Marjeta Novak experienced her first circle dialogue (in Bohmian Dialogue tradition) at an international interculturalist conference 14 years ago, she knew that her life was changed for good. Dialogue completed, she walked to the circle dialogue host, Kazuma Matoba, asking him to ‘teach her the magic of what has just happened’. In the years to come, she explored other circle-based approaches such as The Circle Way, Way of Council , Circles of Trust. More about Marjeta

“In whatever I do – from hosting/facilitating complex multi-stakeholder meetings; to guiding nature-based ceremonies for marking life transitions; to sharing nonviolent communication practices and partnership paradigms; to stewarding several professional communities in my native Slovenia  – Circle is at the core of everything I do. I am very grateful to all who have guided me on this path: to my mentors-turned-friends Kazuma Matoba, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea; to Gigi Coyle and the Council Network; and to my ancestors who sat in circles around linden trees for centuries.”


Rainer von Leoprechting has sat in circles for most of his life, at the camp fire in scouting, in his student years at Witten/Herdecke around wise texts, or in the European institutions in Brussels. When he met Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin, he found what he was practicing in a clear system and language. His circle practice won yet another depth from systemic constellation work. He is a leading practitioner of hosting constellation circles since many years and teaches the hosting of constellations in a circle way together with his life partner Lena. He has hosted circles with many leadership teams or boards, in open gatherings and meetings, and as an every day practice with the Obenaus community. More about Rainer here.



Lena Maria Jacobsson is a natural host. She has used her skills ever since she started working in the hospitality sector during her secondary school years in Sweden. After school she traveled the world and worked in various countries: the US, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and now Austria.

She worked for 15 years at the European Commission in Brussels. She  studied Social and Organisati­o­nal Psychology. As in-house consultant at the European Commission she focused on management and leadership development to enhance organisational and personal effectiveness, and wellbeing. Shortly after participating in a Peer Spirit Circle training with Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin and an Art of Hosting training she co-pioneered these practices including process consulting in the overall European Commission organisation.

In 2012 she co-founded Obenaus community farm where we explore how to live in a healthy way, in a sustainable way, with nature, while being connected to ourselves and the world. Circle and Art of Hosting practice is the operating system of Obenaus where Open space comes natural and sitting in circle is a daily practice. Here we gather, live and learn with the local and  global community, while many circles are held on-line. Next to bio farming, Lena continues to host systemic constellation work with Rainer and contributes with different hosting teams to spread the practices of Art of Hosting.




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